We know that tattoos have been in fashion for a long time, so if you’ve finally decided to get one, it’s important to know that as soon as you finish doing it…

you should start taking care of it.

If you know how to take care for a tattoo correctly you will achieve that the cicatrization follows the natural process that must follow.

This way, in a few days you will be able to show off your new tattoo without any problem.

Be attentive because we are going to give you all the steps to follow to take care of a tattoo correctly.

Steps to take care of a tattoo

To be able to wear a tattoo, the first thing is to rely on a professional artist, but that’s not all. It is vitally important, in fact, to take care of the tattoo during the period following execution.

The basic and main thing is to protect it from external agents, such as germs, bacteria and dirt; but it is also necessary to pay close attention to the care so that the tattooed skin regenerates quickly allowing the complete healing of the tattoo.

how to care a new tattoo


Care of a freshly made tattoo

Once the tattoo is finished, the tattoo artist will clean and disinfect the tattooed part.

The skin will be red and somewhat swollen, so it is normal for the tattooist to apply a Vaseline or a special cream to the tattooed area.

This type of cream (which can be from brands such as Bepanthol) has a calming and antibacterial function and is a specific product for tattoo care.

Immediately afterwards, the tattoo artist will cover the tattoo with a little transparent plastic to protect the skin.

Without that plastic, the bacteria could penetrate through the wound in the hours after execution. How long should we wear the bandage?

The time varies from two to four hours, but this depends on the type and extent of the tattoo. It will be the tattooist who values the time you must wear it covered.

how to care a tatoo

Care of the tattoo in the first hours

The care of the tattoo in the first hours after its execution is essential to avoid the risk of infections.

Once home, remove the protective film. It is necessary to wash the tattoo well with warm or cold water and a mild soap. The goal is to remove any excess color residue.

Use only your hands, clean, massage a little the skin and avoid rubbing with sponges or cloths because it could damage the tattoo. The soap should be hypoallergenic and as natural as possible, so as not to alter the pH of the skin.


Care of the tattoo in the following hours

After the first four or five hours, clean again gently and dry to the touch with a clean cloth and let the skin breathe for a few minutes.

As soon your skin is completely dry, apply a generous layer of cream, massaging gently to absorb.

Repeat at least three times during the day. At this point it is no longer necessary to cover the tattoo with plastic; on the contrary, it is preferable to leave it as much as possible in contact with the air.

So, you will allow the skin to breathe and this will accelerate its regeneration.

how to care your new tattoo

Care in the healing phase

In the days following the tattoo, apply cream regularly, massaging gently until absorbed.

A cream that is rich in panthenol and calendula flowers with a high healing power will act deeply and perform a calming and relaxing action.

Do not use petroleum jelly or other products based on mineral oils such as petroleum jelly that prevent natural perspiration. It may compromise tattoo care.

Apply the cream 3 – 4 times a day during the week after getting the tattoo.

How to wash the tattoo

Equally important to take care of the tattoo is to know how to wash it in the first hours of having done so.

You should wash the tattoo with warm or cold water and neutral soap twice a day, during morning and evening.

Then reapply a layer of cream after each wash.

The tattoo will never have to dry out. If it is well hydrated, the skin will not become irritated and you will not feel itchy.

During the healing phase the scabs will be created, it’s completely normal:

  • it’s the skin that regenerates.
  • Avoid removing them or scratching them,
  • they can remove the colour and damage the tattoo.
  • The bark will separate once it heals!

tattoo care

What to avoid while curing your tattoo

As long as the skin is not completely restored, the risk of contracting infections or ruining the tattoo is very high.

To avoid this, it is essential to follow some rules to successfully perform the tattoo you just did. During this phase avoid getting wet in the sea water of swimming pools and frequent Turkish baths and saunas. Excessive humidity compromises healing and can make the tattoo fade; these are also environments rich in chemicals such as chlorine, bacteria, dirt and impurities that can cause infections.

You can easily wash with neutral soap, but try to avoid prolonged showers. Wetting bark too much can cause it to come off.

Absolutely avoid exposing the newly made tattoo to sunlight and tanning lamps.

Once the post-tattoo phase is over, remember this: the sun is the tattoo’s number one enemy.

In fact, the sun accelerates aging and promotes fading.

Do not subject the tattoo to stress.

The skin is still very delicate and you could compromise its regeneration.

And finally avoid sports and activities that may cause the skin to stretch excessively and break.